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Fall is Here!

Orr's Farm Market | Martinsburg, WV



Nothing screams fall like walking through a farm market, orchard or pumpkin patch on a cool crisp day. Monday evening I was fortunate enough to do just that with this lovely family.

So many people have supported my photography venture from day one and this family was happy to jump onto my crazy train when Liam was born.

I say crazy train because they have allowed me to experiment with them from the time they first stepped foot into my studio/home roughly 9 months ago. To be clear I do not have a large studio space. If you come to my "studio" you are essentially joining me in my dinning room space. This means you not only get to spend an hour with me but also with my family and my dog. At this point you have become a part of my actual family.

Liam and his mommy's have become just that, part of my family. So much so that on Monday right before our photo shoot when I happened to get a flat tire, they stopped to pick me up on the way to Orr's Farm. We completed our session and my loving husband met us soon after to deal with the tire situation. It makes me laugh that the tire ordeal was part of our session or this blog but sometimes things happen and it was not going to keep me from taking their photos. What an adorable session it turned out to be! Isn't this little nugget the cutest thing with those baby blue's.

I can't say thank you enough for all of those who put their faith in me time and time again to capture their families memories. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to share my creative vision with you.

Happy Fall Ya'll....Now bring on the Pumpkin Spice!

XoXo Yvette

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